Our HVAC systems
save money during operation
3 747 333 $/year
Burj Al Arab
Building area
70 000 м²
Air conditioning costs
Costs of hot water treatment
561 297 $/year
Air conditioning is one of the most costly items of expenditure
in the commissioning
and operation of buildings.
Remaining costs
Air conditioning
Сause of the problem
Climate change isn't
taken into reason
No customized solutions.
Standard solutions from
manufacturers are used.
It's inefficient and expensive
for long time.
Incorrect calculations. The HVAC systems is running out of steam. This entails costs for facility downtime and equipment repairs.
Is it possible to cut costs?
Yes we can!
Individual approach to the object. We collect information on architecture, behavior of people in the building, environmental and climate parameters, features of the functioning of engineering
networks and technological processes, analysis of emissions, calculation of capacities, etc. We get the solution that is most suitable for the current object.
Automation system.
We configure the automation
system in such a way that cooling works efficiently and usefully. We set up the correct functioning of the system elements (circulation pumps,
temperature closers, fans, etc.)
BROSK individual climate solutions
Implementing Company
Advantages of working with us
Own production and design
Experience of 1000+ realized objects
Developed 50+ automation
algorithms already used at facilities
We introduce high-temperature
systems on CO2
and other refrigerants
Own know-how. For example,
free hot water preparation
Experience in export deliveries to 8 countries (USA, Italy, Mongolia, Finland, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey)
Let's start right now
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